President of Tynwald writes two verses of The People’s Bible

President of Tynwald writes two verses of The People’s Bible

In one of his last acts as President of Tynwald Noel Cringle OBE added two verses to The People’s Bible, which is being compiled online to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

The Bible was at the annual Tynwald Day ceremony at St John’s (5 July 2011) and at Tynwald Mills, St Johns Shopping Centre (6 July 2011).

Along with the President, people on the Isle of Man joined those across England, Scotland and Wales who over the next four months, are being invited to write out two verses of the Bible with a digital pen. This pen connects to website and within 1 minute those actual handwritten verses will be visible there.

This means that hundreds of thousands of people will have taken up the challenge to ‘make your mark in history,’ by contributing to the first ever digital handwritten Bible – which will remain on the internet for perpetuity.

The project was launched on 19 June, at Edinburgh Castle - the anniversary of the birth of King James VI of Scotland, at the castle, in 1566.

After writing Exodus Chapter 18, verses 27 and 28, at the annual Tynwald Day Ceremony, Noel Cringle said, ‘I think this is a wonderful idea. This re-writing of the Bible will have a great unifying effect. It’s still my favourite book’

The Rt Reverend Robert Paterson, The Bishop of Sodor and Mann, also wrote two verses of the Bible at the Tynwald day ceremony. He said, ‘It’s a fantastic idea. It’s very important to establish the Bible as a formative influence, not just on Christian faith, but on society and community as well.’

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