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An 81-year-old retired church minister is making a 437-mile journey from Edinburgh to Westminster using only his bus pass. 

The Revd Brian Ranford is making the 8-day trip to raise money for Bible translation through the UK-based charity, Bible Society. He is following the route of the People’s Bible which is also travelling across the UK this summer.

Mr Ranford lived in the remote Tuvalu Islands as a Bible translator in his twenties. He is hoping to raise thousands of pounds to see Bible translation continue today. 

‘I think the Bible has so much to say,’ he said. ‘A happy, peaceful world depends on what the Bible has to offer. The Bible is a witness to the God that people think that they can do without.’

The eight-day trip takes in Carlisle, Durham, York, Lincoln, Cambridge, Oxford, High Wycombe and finally Westminster. 

En route, Mr Ranford will be reading the Bible in digital on his Kindle and is currently working his way through the book of Isaiah. 

Mr Ranford hoped to raise some £6,400 enough to translate the book of Matthew. 

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