Big Brother winner backs The People’s Bible

Big Brother winner backs The People’s Bible

Photo: Bible Society/Clare Kendall

Former Big Brother winner, Cameron Stout, was among the many people to sign the People’s Bible at its most northerly point, the Orkney Islands.

Cameron found himself writing Mark 1: 18, “At once they left their nets and went with him.” It’s an appropriate verse for a former fish trader who found himself and his faith in the public eye back in 2003.

Cameron backed The People’s Bible saying, “People think they are familiar with the Bible. We know about it, but we don’t know it. If people are curious enough to come into the tent here and maybe look their verses up online later, hopefully it will get people’s interest going.”

But he added, “Orkney folk are not really easy to persuade of anything. They tend to take a bit of time to think things through. So we have to keep praying for miracles I suppose.”

The People’s Bible arrived in Orkney in what was arguably the busiest week of the year. Across the islands, agricultural and industrial shows drew the 20,000-strong population out of their homes.

And outside the marquee, a man in a tri-cornered hat proclaimed the forthcoming Riding of the Marches when hundreds of children and adults ride through Kirkwall to commemorate the granting of the town’s royal charter by King James III in 1486.

However local organiser of The People’s Bible, David Scott said, “This has given ordinary people and passersby the chance to come and have the Bible speak to them. Some have interacted with the Bible for the first time.”

Hazel Southam, Bible Society

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