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The People’s Bible is a joint venture between Bible Society in England and Wales and the Scottish Bible Society. It will create a unique legacy for future generations.

It’s your chance to write the Bible by hand – starting at the book of Genesis, right through to the book of Revelation.

You’ll get to write at least two verses. The project is unique because everyone who chooses to write a verse will be asked to do so with a digital pen. So there’ll be a new paper copy of the Bible and also an online archive of everyone’s verses you can show to your friends. 

The project will begin at Edinburgh Castle on 19th June 2011, the anniversary of the birth of King James VI/I at the castle in 1566. It will end at Westminster Abbey on 16th November 2011.

People used to have it in their homes and read it, and then they had it in their homes and didn't read it and now they don't have it in their homes. So it's about due for a revival.

Frank Skinner